The Emotional Fool in the city of Mumbai

Its been a while since I wrote something and like each time I needed to feel inspired, I needed to feel the connection with my heart for the words to flow, I needed to empathize. Today afternoon while watching the movie “Wake Up Sid”, I found my moment of inspiration. The closing sequence of the film touched my heart and gave me a topic to write about. It was about my city , Mumbai and I am gonna write about the same. This one is special and close to me.

Mumbai_night_water There is nothing about this city that has not been said earlier.  It’s loved for its glitz, glamour, fancy and fast life, street food,  roadside shopping and of course the queens necklace- Marine Drive  that adorns the city with each sun rise and every sun set. Everyone  who has known this city, knows that it is a city of dreams. While  growing up in the city I have seen my share of dreams too.  No , I  am not going to bore you with my dreams and their success or  failure ride but yes I will certainly tell you a story.  Every  Mumbaikar has a tale to tell and here is mine.

A lot of things have changed from the days of childhood to now when I am part of the corporate structure.  My thoughts, beliefs, aspirations, dreams, wishes and even friends.  One thing that is still the same is that I am an emotional fool. I still feel bad if people don’t call me, I still  want  mom and dad to tell me a bye when they leave home , I still don’t like eating  alone, I still like to inquire if my friends have reached home after a late night outing, I still live in a fairy tale world and hope for everyone around me to be good and  last but not the least I still cry when silly emotional scenes play in the movies.

Call me dumb, call me foolish but I have realized and accepted that, that’s how I am and I don’t want to change. Most of you’ll will argue that having that deep an emotional bend will only make me weep and life will only serve me disappointment but for me these emotions translate into HOPE. Yes I get angry, yes I expect and yes I feel bad too but I ‘d rather live in the hope of a having a strong emotional connect with someone than turning into a practical numb person because the fast life of the city does not give people the time to stop, breathe and share love.

Imagine getting a promotion and no one to share with, painting a house but no one tell you how beautiful it looks, sketching a picture and no one to mock you about how bad your drawing skills are. Imagine taking a walk by the sea all alone, or enjoying on pav bhai and gola all by yourself. Most people do all of this alone and have accepted it as part of Mumbai lifestyle. People are happy with being busy and having no time to stop and admire the people who have made these dreams come true. Doing any of it alone is no fun and expecting others to do it with you is asking for too much in this crazy city of Mumbai where everyone is chasing their dreams.

My story is about hope that Mumbai has given me with its never say die spirit, a hope that millions of people bring along when they leave their homes behind and step onto VT station, a hope that someday my world will be perfect and I will decorate my house with the person I love and who loves me back. I refuse to change and put will continue to be an emotional fool who thinks with her heart.  Mumbai is a great city and I love it too. It can get harsh and cruel on you but guys don’t forget to share what the city gives you.  Don’t get too busy to make one call to a person who helped you become who you are.

After all it is those moments which are shared that are cherished the most. My heart is pumping with emotions and hope, fill your heart with these too as a hopeful life is better than lonely anything.





Emotions,they say
Are a foolish man’s accomplice
Every time he cries
It’s a sign of weakness
He is blamed for his own tears.
For he expects too much.
Too much from a person he loves.
Too much from someone his own.
Emotions,  they say
Are a foolish man’s accomplice.
His problems are not real
For they are not related to making pounds
They are not concerned about job promotion
But are only about time.
Time he wants from people.
People who are his friends.
Emotions, they say
Are a foolish man’s accomplice.
For he wants to celebrate even small victories.
Being alone depresses him.
But people who call themselves practical.
Are super busy.
Busy in doing what they say is their work.
Just put him down telling him you don’t understand.
Emotions, they say
Are a foolish man’s accomplice.
For he cares and shows concern
Concern for those around him.
Goes out of his way to give them little joys
But they call him sensitive and fragile.
No one seems to get his logic
Or even appreciate or acknowledge him
Emotions ,they say
Are a foolish man’s accomplice.
I agree with them
For he, the foolish suffers
Suffers deep and alone.
Voices his displeasure
Yet he is the one who can enjoy and smile.
However little it counts for
They, the not so foolish are numb.
Numb to simple but true ecstasy.