Is change always a good thing ?

She willingly embraced change
Even though it felt strange.
The mind and heart had to arrange

It was the right thing to do , she thought
What was at stake ? what was the cost ?
She dint know then, she was lost.

She turned from caring to a harsh soul.
Dint bother anymore, her innocence it stole.
Time bought more changes, she moved deeper into the hole.

Friendship dint have the same meaning anymore.
She developed an ego, a trait she dint have before.
She cried in pain, every tear made her more sore.

Her degree of kindness dropped to a lower level.
Circumstances made her indifferent, she became a tarnished jewel.
life showed hope sometimes but then snatched it back with a quick swirl.

She put up a fierce fight.
But the changes forced a way inside, stuck tight.
She hugged them hoping for a positive light.
A penalty for being brave, she lost herself in the darkness of night.


The New Way

Have not taken a risk for long
I am trying something new now.
I don’t know it will turn out how.
What if my steps fall wrong.

Is this what I wanted, I don’t know.
It’s a challenge so far and that’s the good part.
I pep myself on, thinking I have at least got a start.
Whether or not I succeed, only time will show.

I feel stuck up and at times bored too.
But the urge to learn is still there within.
A new responsibility I get, that’s a nice feeling.
Want to discover myself, I hope I do.

Have not taken a risk for long.
I am trying something new now.
I don’t know it will turn out how.
Can I handle the outcome, am I strong?