An Affair with Sports

A level up and Level down

The game is fluctuating and so is my heartbeat count

Pride is at stake.

The situation is make or break.

Experiencing the adrenaline rush

What will it be??

A  big win or a set back crush.

Noisy scream of excitation.

Nervous sighs of anticipation.

Clenching, Oohing, Clapping,Abusing

Only sports can get that kind of tapping and moving.

Passion rides up to the crest.

Feeling of high with ultimate zest.


What Love Feels Like

Love is in the air
With you my sweetheart
I wish to share
These moments of ecstasy & frenzy

Your dreams are mine
Amd I wish for mine to be yours
To live them and see them fulfill
With each others eyes.

Travel this beautiful world around
With you hand in hand held
I wish to be your wings
For you to fly as high as you can.

Give you all the pleasures
Pamper you n care for like none has
You complete my life dear
I belong to you till my last breath
Promise to be there always
For one look of that innocent sweet smile
I simply die.

Midnight Talks

Cometh the midnight hours and the river of emotions begins to flow in full swing. Everyone starts talking and sharing as the night unfolds. What is it about these hours that people find it easier to open up and share? Is it as simple as the fact during the day people are busy leading their boring lives of duties and responsibilities and thus have no time or is it that the shine of the moon and twinkle of the stars pour in some magic into the air?

Having experienced it personally and also having heard from friends  I can definitely say that be it boys or girls, everyone experiences a high EQ ( Emotional Quotient ) level at night. There is definitely something about this time of the day that we in spite of all our fatigue  are quiet ready to be awake the entire night and just talk. Lying on our beds drinking coffee, munching snacks , rubbing our eyes we go on and on. The knowledge that next day exists evaporates from our minds.

Mostly topics that are left undiscussed during the heat and the chaos of the day ate the ones spoken about fondly. The tone of the talk is slow and soft but the meaning behind these talks is heavy. Family issue, boss frustrations, sibling fights, girlfriend boyfriend splits, friendly cribbing, what I did when i was drunk stories, campus crushes are all touched upon in these midnight talks.

These talks leave the eyes puffy and dreamy the next day but still we look forward to them. For some strange and unknown reason they are the most satisfying conversations.